Events & Courses

We run regular introductory (British Canoeing Discover) courses during the summer as well as improver (British Canoeing Explore) and higher qualification courses at various points. See the courses page for further details.

Away trips range from visiting our local pool for rolling practice to weeks abroad. Normally there will be one or two whitewater, sea or touring trips a month depending on the season. See the calendar page for further details.

Keep Up To Date

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or check out the club calendar for scheduled events.

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Find Us!

Want to come and have a chat? Our clubhouse is located directly under the Marlow side of Marlow Bridge (brown wood walls). There will be someone there at about 09:30 every Sunday. See the contact page for a map.

  • Whitewater
    Enjoy the adrenalin rush of carving on waves or powering over big drops
    (River Egua, Val Sesia)
  • Sea
    Explore the coast and visit places inaccessible to larger craft
    (Pembrokeshire Coast)
  • Worldwide
    Come on one of our yearly trips to exotic destinations!
    (Upper Guil, Parc du Queyras)

Marlow Canoe Club - Welcome!

Marlow Canoe Club is situated on the banks of the Thames just under Marlow bridge in Buckinghamshire.

We are involved in all forms of paddle sport from extreme whitewater and freestyle to gentle cruising up the Thames with a flask of tea and a tin of cake chatting about our latest adventures.

Paddlers of all abilities are welcome. Don't know your canoe from your kayak? We can teach you all you need to know on our British Canoeing courses. Just got back from running 40 and 50ft waterfalls in Norway? Excellent; come and share your adventures with our whitewater crew. Prefer your paddling to involve some salt and big swells? Talk to our sea paddlers about their regular trips to the coast.

So come on down, say hello and get involved!