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All of our planned and impromptu activites are arranged on Facebook and Yahoo Groups. Check them out for the latest happenings! Also check out the club calendar for scheduled events.

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Find Us!

Want to come and have a chat? Our clubhouse is located directly under the Marlow side of Marlow Bridge (brown wood walls). There will be someone there at about 09:30 every Sunday. See the contact page for a map.


We are moderately large club (around 200 members) which caters for followers of just about every branch of recreational canoeing, including white water kayaking, open canoeing, sea touring and inland touring. There are also a few members who take competitive canoeing (in various disciplines) seriously. The following will give you a flavour of the club, however you can find out more by contacting us.

Where Are We?

The club house is situated on the North bank of the River Thames (in Buckinghamshire), directly under Marlow Bridge. It can be accessed easily from the towpath. The club mainly has members from the Marlow, High Wycombe and Maidenhead areas, although there are other members from further afield. The location is an ideal starting point for touring trips on the Thames, both upstream towards Henley and downstream towards Windsor. During the winter months, the freestyle Mecca of Hurley Weir is only 40 minutes paddle upstream (or 5 minute drive) for members who want to push their skills to the next level. Just ask one of the regular whitewater paddlers to show you the ropes!

Regular Activities

The club runs sessions every Sunday, come rain or shine between 10am and about 1pm. We also run general sessions on Tuesday evenings and race boat sessions on Thursday evenings from 7pm till dark throughout the summer.

The general sessions give you a chance to socialise, try different types of boat and, most importantly, eat cake! In the summer we tend to paddle a bit further and spend quite a lot of time messing around, jumping in to cool off, learning to roll and generally having a good time. In the winter, if the river is flowing fast we might take the boats upstream and paddle back to Marlow, checking out some of the weirs on the way for a bit of excitement.

These sessions are also a great way to meet the rest of the club and hook up with people who do your favourite type of paddle sport (see Tell Me More on the nav bar for descriptions of different types of paddle sport)


Think that canoeing sounds a bit dangerous? It is regarded as an assumed risk sport, however we take every possible precaution to minimise risk in participating in paddlesport from making sure that everyone is happy coming out of their boat on flat water to organising Whitewater Safety and Rescue courses to ensure that a good number of paddlers know rescue techniques for when the going gets white.

The committee members of Marlow CC are very aware of their responsibilities towards novice canoeists. The club has a Health and Safety Manual (long document) that governs activities. At club meets, there will be a suitably experienced responsible adult who will oversee that meet. The club has a number of British Canoeing qualified instructors and river leaders that can be drawn on to ensure that activities are run in the safest way possible. On regular sessions, the Duty Office is on hand to discuss the river conditions so that you can decide whether or not to paddle.

Does the Club Provide Equipment for New Members?

We own a good selection of boats, including whitewater craft, flat water tourers and racing kayaks, open canoes and sea kayaks. We also have paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks and helmets. The only things that you will need to provide for yourself will be clothing appropriate to the season and weather.

Who Can Join?

Marlow CC is an open club of primarily adult members. Those aged from 12-17 can join as junior members and children under 12 are welcome to join in when accompanied by a parent or guardian who is a member.  Adult and junior members should be of British Canoeing 1 Star (or Paddlepower Passport)  standard and we offer regular introductory courses to help members achieve the 1 Star award, with improver/2 Star and more advanced training also available.

Canoeing is a suitable activity for many people with disabilities too and we are happy to advise on what is possible.