Keep Up To Date

All of our planned and impromptu activites are arranged on Facebook and Yahoo Groups. Check them out for the latest happenings! Also check out the club calendar for scheduled events.

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Find Us!

Want to come and have a chat? Our clubhouse is located directly under the Marlow side of Marlow Bridge (brown wood walls). There will be someone there at about 09:30 every Sunday. See the contact page for a map.


We have found that the best way of getting photos of trips online quickly is via our Facebook and Instagram pages. So if you would like to see pictures of our courses, trips and general messing about, head over to our public Facebook Page or Instagram.


Lots of our members will make short clips of our trips. these too can be found on Facebook. Some members also make longer “edited” videos of trips hosted on Vimeo and YouTube. Check them out below.

Chrisps’ Videos – Videos of club trips and some peer trips to bigger water destinations